Here are a few things we are working on at Riverside Conservancy, and boy is it exciting!

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Protect our lagoon

The Indian River Lagoon (IRL) is home to an incredible variety of life. As part of the Be Floridian Now campaign, and in partnership with Project H2O, along with some help from our caring locals, we are striving to protect our lagoon and restore this ecosystem back to health.

But what exactly is the issue, you may ask? Too many nutrients! This excess within the IRL can lead to many imbalances in the ecosystem, including harmful algal blooms. Overabundant nutrients can come from many sources, such as lawn fertilizers, pet waste, lawn clippings, agricultural runoff, and inefficient septic systems.

This is quite concerning. However, there is something YOU can do, right now to help! Skip the fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides on your lawn and learn about your local fertilizer ordinances. You can even opt for native or Florida-friendly plants that require less watering. The less harmful run-off we have, the less contaminated the water will get. Oh, and be sure to pick up after young Fido. Pet waste also causes harm to the IRL with excess nutrients.

Want to be a part of the solution? Take the pledge now and get your very own Protect Our Lagoon yard sign!

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Veteran’s Memorial Park in Edgewater, FL

Veteran’s Memorial Park in Edgewater, FL

Park Shoreline Restorations

Last year, Riverside Conservancy identified three estuarian waterside parks within the city of Edgewater, Florida as high priority restoration areas. These public parks include Menard-May, George R. Kennedy Memorial, and Veteran’s Memorial. This year, RC will continue facilitating the restoration by creating living shorelines, which are riverfront or coastal areas that are vegetated with native plants.

The restoration of shorelines (by planting aquatic grasses and mangroves and restoring oyster beds) filters pollution that would otherwise flow into waterways and ground water after rain storms. Because shoreline plants and oysters are nature’s water filters, living shorelines benefit the overall health of our citizens through cleaning our waterways and drinking water, creating habitats for wildlife, protecting our homes and businesses from storm surge, and best of all, making our parks beautiful!

These three highly popular riverfront parks are an important target for restoration, because they drain into the Indian River Lagoon. By restoring living shoreline to these and other highly visible areas, we will be able to demonstrate to all visitors the environmental, cultural, educational, and economic value of living shorelines for our area.


Save Our Rivers and Springs Academy, Class 1 - St. John’s River Boat Tour

Save Our Rivers and Springs Academy, Class 1 - St. John’s River Boat Tour

The Academy

You don’t have to be a scientist to learn about conservation! (Although, we’ve had a few of those attend!) We have a fantastic opportunity for everyone in our community, and open to all of our favorite locals. Here we offer a FREE course that allows you to dive into our world. You’ll learn about what it means to be an ambassador for conservation while going out into the field on trips discovering a love for all things nature. From boat and kayak tours, to mock council meetings, you’ll experience it all. So, come on, get your feet wet, and click HERE to learn more about our classes and how you can be a part of the Academy!