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Action Alert/Public Meeting Announcement:

Representatives from Volusia County’s Public Works Department are conducting public meetings to ask residents about their priorities for road, water quality, stormwater and other transportation infrastructure improvements. These proposed projects will be funded using revenue generated from the half-cent sales tax if approved by Volusia County voters on May 21.

Please take a few moments to write the County Council at or attend one of the scheduled public meetings to let Council know how important it is to clean up our polluted waters.

Meetings will be held on these dates:

Thursday, March 7,
in the Deltona City Commission Chambers, 2345 Providence Blvd., Deltona (6:30 to 7:30 p.m)

Monday, March 11, at the Brannon Center, 105 S. Riverside Drive, New Smyrna Beach (6:30 to 7:30 p.m)

Our rivers, streams, springs, and drinking water supply are imperiled from pollution. Let the Volusia County Council know you support the use of the proposed sales tax for water quality projects to restore the pristine water quality of our water bodies.

Learn more about the proposed projects to restore water quality:

Dr. Art's Butterfly.jpg

BY Dahr Jamail & Barbara Cecil

PUBLISHED March 4, 2019

“… [W]hat if all the fixing and mitigating and adapting fail? Perhaps we will have become worthy human beings, having acted during this time of crisis with extraordinary love and integrity. We will turn toward one another and all the beings on the planet, with clear and humble love, knowing we are one living whole.”